Chateau de la Chesnaie

1 avenue Voltaire
95600 Eaubonne

We will be getting married at our dream Historic Chateau in the little city of Eaubonne. One of the reasons we chose this Chateau is that it is only a 35-minute drive from Paris center! Convenience for our guests was precious to us. Right when we arrived, we were awestruck by the beauty of the grounds and the ornate and beautiful interior!

Please enjoy this short description from their website:
20 minutes from Paris and 10 minutes from the lake and the Enghien casino, the Château de La Chesnaie, classified as a "Historic Monument," is exceptional for the purity of its architecture and the harmony of its proportions. Terraces open onto a magnificent park with hundred-year-old trees.

We hope to share this magical wedding location with you!